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Many people would say there is nothing more therapeutic than a day at the beach, for land lovers, it seems we almost love the sea more, Humans were not born in the sea and yet we are mystified and engaged by it’s magical pull. Often the sea is nostalgic of our childhoods and the smells and taste of the ocean we would all agree is like no other.


As with many of us fortunate enough to live by a coastline, the sea has spoken to me my whole life. It started with my Grandmother Kit in who lived in Mentone, Melbourne, Australia near the beach and every summer as a small child we would go with her on the weekend and the best bit for me was she would shout us an Eskimo Pie on the way home. For those who did not grow up in Australia, An Eskimo Pie was a very cold Ice cream covered in Chocolate with mint flavoring. An Australian classic from another era.


As I grew older, My Parents moved from Melbourne to the Northern Beaches of Sydney where my younger sisters took to the beach like bees to honey but I didn’t have the same reaction. Maybe it was because it seemed like beach overload in overly sunny Sydney, I was used to short spurts and a quick dip now and then but in Sydney it was full time beach all the time. While others toyed with lemon juice in the hair and sunflower oil on the skin to create the ultimate surfie look, I could never keep up with my burnt to a crisp beach loving schoolmates.


Still, Sea life is a favorite theme at SMH, Inc, We love Art Directing and styling a sea themed story, it’s reflected in our Pinterest board called The Sea. See highlights from this board above and check us out on Pinterest.  

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