Wren Sakura grew up in Syracuse, New York. As a teenager she moved to Manhattan with her Japanese father and Virginia-born mother, when he was relocated for work.

Her passion for birds started at a young age, when she would go bird watching with her parents in the Catskills, where they had a weekend cabin. She lives in an apartment on the Lower East Side where she likes to explore her passion for birds, potted plants, and all things natural.

Working at a Japanese bookstore, Wren spends her weekends upstate or at The Natural History Museum, where she has been a member for 45 years. Childlike and spirited, she is often mistaken for someone much younger than her years.

New York Stories are inspired by the eccentric older women of New York. Imagining the interiors of these fictional characters, we explore how they came to move to the city, and the objects that tell their story.