At the beginning of June, Studio Marcus Hay joined the Williams Sonoma team at Fishkill Farm in Hopewell, Upstate NY to help produce a story for the Fall Catalog, styling an event to be photographed on the farm for the Open Kitchen line available at Williams Sonoma. 

Fishkill Farms is a historic apple orchard that has been in the Morgenthau family for nearly 100 years. With the hard work and dedication of the team, Fishkill Farms has grown from a conventionally farmed apple orchard in need of new trees and new tractors, into a diversified, ecological farm with new orchards and infrastructures. Here are the additions to the farm in the past few years:15 acres of diverse vegetable plantings, pasture-raised hens, many acres of new fruit trees, farmer's markets nearby and in New York City, and a pick-your-own CSA. The mission of the farm has been to marry its historic identity as a family "u-pick" apple orchard, with the Fishkill Farms team's shared goals of diversification and environmental stewardship through sustainable farming methods. 

It is a wonderfully inspiring place and the Fishkill Farm folk were a pleasure to work with the team. We spent a number of days there shooting a menu for a dinner that took place in one of the apple orchards.Studio Marcus Hay created a table setting for

Special thanks to our team members Jill Skoda and Andrea Greco who went above and beyond and stayed very late on the last night to pack up. It was wonderful to work with Photographer Mikkel Vang, It was a long time between drinks and of course Food StylistAlison Attenborough and Art Director Scot Schy.

Photography: Mikkel Vang, Styling: Studio Marcus Hay, Inc